What is the Edgy Balletcore Aesthetic?

December 31, 2023

In the current fashion zeitgeist, the spotlight is firmly fixed on a captivating evolution of the classic balletcore trend — the enthralling "Edgy Balletcore." This reinterpretation adds a touch of darkness, rebellion, and drama to the graceful elements of traditional ballet-inspired fashion. Think of it as a ballet-inspired canvas waiting for your unique strokes. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker twirling through New York in a tulle skirt and a pink tank top? Fast forward to the 2010s, and designers like Vivienne Westwood embraced balletcore, giving it a contemporary spin. That's the spirit of balletcore! It's a timeless trend, echoing from Chanel's 1930s tulle gowns to Miu Miu's recent runway leg warmers and baby pink ballet flats. Balletcore is not just a trend; it’s a timeless dance between the past and the present.


While classical ballet often embraces softer hues, Edgy Balletcore may introduce a broader range of colors. Classic and elegant colors like black, cream, lavender, and beige are common, but there's room for experimentation with bold shades. Think deep blacks, rich burgundies, dark purples, and moody blues. Simply by combining black with pink or a tulle dress with a leather corset on top it's the perfect way to bring this trend to life.






Key Pieces

Wrap tops, corsets, bodysuits, harnesses, structured bodices, shrugs, leg warmers, and the pièce de résistance – tulle and mini wrap skirts. These are the keystones of balletcore, the elements that echo the elegance of a prima ballerina. Leotards, once confined to dance studios, have become artistic canvases. Mix and match them with skirts or denim shorts, creating a look that’s both comfortable and chic. Designers like, Vivienne Westwood, Simone Rocha and Molly Goddard are the contemporary brands, infusing balletcore with a punk sensibility and whimsical flair.

Reformation, Relaxed Cashmere Wrap, $198

Frankies Bikinis, Kate Cloud Knit Shrug Top, $80

Mirror Palais, Dolly Micro Skirt Noir, $525

SHUSHU/TONG, Black Semi-Sheer Midi Skirt, $179

Dion Lee, Hiking lace-up corset top, $720

UO, Out From Under Libby Sheer Lace Long Sleeve Top, $29.00


Pointe shoes, the emblem of ballet, might be a challenge to wear casually, but ballet-inspired flats are your stylish alternative.


UO, Bow Leg Warmers, $25.00

Miu Miu, Ribbon-strap buckled patent-leather ballet flats, $628

ALAÏA, Embellished leather ballet flats, $ 1,250

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