Top 10 Must Read Fashion Books

April 7, 2020

Coffee table books are fascinating literary creations—part objet d’art, part photographic ode, part, you know, book—that give insight to the interests of the owners. Try to open your mind while learning new things about the world of fashion that will inspire you.

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The Allure of Chanel

Based on a series of intimate conversations between Morand and Coco Chanel, written in the great storyteller's prose, this book artfully sketches the character of the elusive, mysterious and charming creature and also includes a collection of drawings by Karl Lagerfeld.

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Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution​

An excellent account of Marie Antoinette's sartorial passages -very good historical writing about the doomed Queen of France who began as a very young Austrian princess. Her clothes, her elaborate wigs which she had to sleep in because they were too elaborate to be redone the next day. Great illustrations accompany a riveting narrative.

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Dior: The Art of Color​

An exquisite ode to color, this book presents the history of makeup, style, and color at the revered fashion house of Dior.With a highly engaging text and never-before-seen imagery, this is a book that no student of fashion or art should be without.

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A Matter of Fashion: 20 Iconic Items that Changed the History of Style

This extraordinary book, a visual and intellectual feast of historical illustrations, cult advertising, and beautiful still-life shots, narrates the history of 20 iconic fashion items, ranging from Levi's jeans to Hermès scarves and Tiffany pearls.

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Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

Before there was Anna Wintour, there was Diana Vreeland. The eye sure does travel over the great stories and photos of her life and times and happily so. I highly recommend this beautiful volume and also the film which was made from the book.

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The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion

In this large coffee-table book, curator and critic Antwaun Sargent examines the diverse work of black artists in both the art and fashion worlds. Alongside a series of conversations between generations, their images and stories chart the history of inclusion, and exclusion, in the creation of the commercial Black image, while simultaneously proposing a brilliantly reenvisioned future.The old saying - "nothing gets old faster than new" definitely applies to fashion, but this is a classic and "right never has an expiration date."

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Models of Influence: 50 Women Who Reset the Course of Fashion​

Written by America's Next Top Model judge and photographer, Nigel Barker,this book is like a condensed history lesson on the biggest movers and shakers in the modelling industry from the 1940's to present day.An easy to read informative book that gets to the heart of what made these unforgettable women the best in their time and still famous today.

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Kate: The Kate Moss Book by Kate Moss ​

KATE, with 446 pages, shows the many faces of Kate Moss through nudes, black and white, vivid colors for over two decades.A highly personal retrospective of Moss’ career, tracing her evolution from “new girl with potential” to one of the most iconic models of all time.This book is a wonderful and legendary compilation of an Imperfect Supermodel that turned out to be the best supermodel.

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Vivienne Westwood​

It’s an honest book, written with integrity and insight. From an historic point of view it’s really engaging, because what she has designed and achieved will go into the history books of the future. Told in all its glamor and glory, and with her unique voice, unexpected perspective, and passionate honesty, this is her story.

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This richly illustrated tome chronicles Donatella’s interpretation of Versace in the twenty-first century.Full of great colorful photos,luxury and glamour.In the style of a serious, high fashion brand, of her late brother Gianni, Donatella life and image, comes thru like, a ray of light, in this photo packed book.

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