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Tips For How to Dress If You are Tall

July 8, 2020

It is a fact, facing your dressing room, you are still looking for the perfect outfit, one that will enhance you without making you even taller. Your body type, if you are rather thin or round, also determines your clothing choice. Certain looks can precisely emphasize a slender silhouette without giving it the air of giants. Good fashion advice, it's here!


Skinny Jeans

Among all the iconic jeans, if you had to choose only one it would be: skinny jeans. Like a good classic, it is available endlessly.
We wear it in a rock version combined with a leather jacket, or for a more sporty look with a teddy. It goes perfectly with a white lace blouse for a classic and romantic style. In short, it sticks to all your looks and remains the best ally to reveal your long legs.
If you are rather round, choose straight pants that will enhance you. And if the flare jeans cup the small ones, it suits the large ones perfectly.

Levi's Skinny Jeans, $98.00

Agolde  Flare Jeans, $188.00


Long Jackets & Coats

Being part of the tall category, you are lucky to be able to wear long clothes. This allows you to complete your outfit while being able to play with the different styles: fluid trench in spring and bathrobe coat in winter. And with you, no risk that it will drag on the ground!

Topshop Khaki Trench Coat, $95.00


Long Dresses 

The best credo for spring-summer: the long dress. Little ones love to wear it with wedge sandals, to enlarge their silhouette, and a denim jacket. Dare to wear it with a pair of sneakers or ballet flats. The long dress is a symbol of comfort, ease but also has a great fashion potential. Also, it will highlight the slender silhouettes.

Topshop Floral Midi Dress, $58.50


Midi Skirts

From summer to winter, the midi skirt hold of a place in our wardrobe. And good news, it hits the big cards! Whether you wear it barefoot or with tights, it will suit you better than anyone. Choose a leather version to maximize its sexy effect. To avoid, however, if your complex on your calves, you will find it difficult to assume.

H&M Slit-hem Skirt, $24.99

Reformation Zoe Skirt, $148



No, shoes with heels are not just for little ones. Yes, you who exceed 1m70, you also have the right to wear it. And enjoy it! For a feminine and elegant look, adorn yourself with your most beautiful stilettos. 5, 10 and even 12 cm! Everything will depend on whether you assume your size or not because there is nothing worse than not feeling comfortable in your outfit. In this case, sneakers and ballerinas are
your best friends.

PLT Strappy Sandals, $25.00

How to dress when you are tall: what you should avoid!

Having long legs does not mean that everything is fine. Just play on the contrasts!

The “total look”

A monochrome style will accentuate your figure. Have fun mixing materials and colors to give an effect of proportion, imagining blocks between the top and bottom of the body. If you wear a dress, you can add a jacket or waistcoat over it or belt it.

Tops too short

Here, we are not talking about crop top, but rather tops that seem to be too small for you. So, opt instead for shapes that go down well on the hips, or at least just under the belt.

Long accessories

Avoid necklaces or scarves around the neck, which accentuate the
verticality and increase the pace. Instead, all you need is to adopt plastron necklaces, wool snoods, or tie your scarf around your neck.


Large shoes! If you are tall, you have usually inherited the size that goes with it. Pointed-toe shoes tend to lengthen the foot. To avoid the "clown shoes" look, choose round or less elongated tips.

How to dress when you are tall: where to shop?

If your size is right for you, it is sometimes difficult to find the right clothing models.Your jeans look like capri pants, long dresses stop above the ankle and the sleeves
of your tops are often too short.And it is not always easy to lengthen pants or a skirt. It is at this moment that the"tall" collections save you the day: models designed for adults, which stick to current trends.

Find them at Asos, Topshop, New Look, Vero Moda, Gap. Some brands have even released different leg lengths for their jeans, such as Esprit or G-Star.

Now you can no longer say, " I never know how to dress "!

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