These 7 Trends Will Rule In 2021

January 11, 2021

Given the current circumstances, our daily routine has changed a lot. Although that doesn't mean to sit on our couch and forget ourselves. It's an opportunity to pamper our face, our body, and our spirits. Even you don't have anywhere to go right now, you can still wake up in the morning, dressed up and feel yourself! Get prepared for next season's trends and keep reading to find more.

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Sorbet Pastel Sweatsuits

Instead of old, boring, gray sweats, next season candy colors and dreamy pastels will be everywhere. Not only are they the perfect option for long walks and running errands, but also are so comfortable and stylish. From lavender to baby blue and buttery yellow, these hues are going to upgrade your athletic outfit into an aesthetically pleasing look.


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Forget your one-shoulder top, we're talking about dramatic statement openings and cutouts in tops, dresses, jeans. This trend is about being feminine, sexy and edgy in a subtle way without looking raunchy and scandalous. Style a cut-out piece with chunky boots or oversized outerwear to balance out the sexiness and edginess.


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Cropped Cardigans

This trend will remain in our hearts for next season!Very 90's vibes come along with a cropped knitted cardigan a bit opened down the chest, hairclips, choker, high-waisted loose jeans and some running shoes. But it can be styled in so many various ways like you layer it with a tank top inside or over a dress for a cute girly look.


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Microscopic Miniskirts

There are miniskirts and then there are the barely-there, microscopic minis that were everywhere in the next season's collections. These remind us of the '90s styles that today came back in irresistible bold colors and prints that's all we waiting for. Pair a second-skin top with a micro miniskirt to tap into two of the biggest S/S 21 trends all at once. Hemlines crept even higher on Spring/Summer 2021 runways, most notably at Miu Miu.


Zara, Miniskirt, $15.99

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Second-Skin Tops

These tops have become a major layering trick on the runways-heavy on tie-dye, tattoo prints, and reinvented logos and will have you rethinking your basic turtlenecks and tees. They are relevant across every season, are easy to wear, layer, and style, and come in so many variations and price points meaning there is one for every style type out there. Wear them as an undershirt layered beneath a knit or a coat.



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This new, rather risque trend is one that will quickly raise your heart rate and your style in seconds flat: built-in G-strings. Don't think about thongs hidden beneath these garments, just an illusion of this shape. You can still be a woman who has her own power over her own body with a sexiness that has an elegance to it—it’s possible to be elegant and still show some skin.


ASOS, low rise flare with hip strap in blackcurrent , $24.00

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Folder Bag

Forget your classic totes and shoulder bags, embrace the next trend! Shaped similarly to that of a paper filing folder, these paper-thin bags will be everywhere in spring.


Studio Amelia, Envelope Mini Snake-Effect Leather Bag, $144.00

USISI SISTER,Eddie Two-Tone Leather Top Handle Bag,$248.00

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