The IT dress for Autumn

September 15, 2023

Every so often, the fashion world is graced with a piece so iconic that it needs no introduction. Though you might not have known it by name, you undoubtedly remember the summer of 2022 when zebra print took the fashion scene by storm. It was Realisation Par's Gia dress that propelled this trend to new, chic heights. Picture it: bell sleeves, silk fabric, and an elegant maxi length that made every fashionista's heart skip a beat. Refresh your memory, and you'll find countless fashion editors and influencers posting their unique takes on this statement piece. Type "Realisation" into your search bar today, and you'll uncover wedding guest ensembles, party starters, sophisticated dinner party hosts, and vacation photos—all showcasing the Gia's extraordinary versatility. So popular is this dress that it deserves its own hashtag. Over the past few weeks, we've witnessed a surge in shoppers selecting the denim blue and red Havana floral print versions, both of which convinced even me to place my order.

As we venture into the enchanting realm of autumn in 2023, the Gia dress is poised to be the fashion sensation of the season. Realisation Par's timeless design, now available in an array of captivating prints and colors, promises to be the go-to choice for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement while embracing the elegant ease of maxi dresses.


Realisation Par, THE GIA in Denim, $260.00

Third Form, Viscose knit long sleeve maxi dress, $ 329.00


Mango, Knitted dress with stitching details, $ 129.99

H&M, Rib-knit Bodycon Dress, $49.99


NA-KD, Crochet Knitted Long Dress, $27.47


REALISATION PAR, The Gia - Animal, $260.00

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