Summer Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own

June 16, 2020

Summer has arrived and despite the current pandemic, the fashionista in you still wants to bring some pretty summer staples into your wardrobe! With the gradual deconfinement and the mercury that increases more and more, it is not surprising that we want to go out and show ourselves in our best light! Ready to bring the sun into your wardrobe? Here's what to wear this summer.

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They are an essential accessory for sunny days.Sunglasses go everywhere with us, both to protect our eyes and to finish off our summer look perfectly. For summer 2020, there are great classics such as "aviator" frames. Cat eyes or colorful pairs of sunglasses, sometimes pop, sometimes glamour can be found in our outfits. What will be your favorite pair of sunglasses?

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Biker Shorts

One of the hottest fashion items right now are biker shorts! It's a must-have that goes literally with everything. Although it is basically considered a sporty piece, you can very well combine it with more dressed pieces, just to create beautiful casual looks. For example, wear it with an oversized t-shirt and denim jacket for a perfect casual look or with a blazer and a chain belt for a more sophisticated look! You can style them a bunch of ways with cropped tops, cardigans, button-up shirts, depending on your mood!

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Denim All The Way

From jean shorts to jackets and overalls, denim is never out of fashion. This season, we dare the total denim look, from head to toe. To adopt it without a lack of taste, we avoid the mix of jeans colors and we favor monochrome. As for the pieces, we love a denim dress, overalls, or a jumpsuit, easy to accessorize.

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Loose Dresses

Nothing like a loose summer dress to be comfortable while having style! Here, we particularly like the color as well as the length of the dress, which reminds us of the country style. To balance the very feminine cut of the dress, match it with a white sneaker or your favorite pair of chunky sandals. Or to keep the feminine style wearing your best high heels sandals!

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Neutral Bodysuits

The famous halter neck seamless bodysuit it goes so well with slacks, baggy denim, sweats, or skirts! Just having one in a couple of neutral colors it's gonna go a long way.

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White Tees

Pro tip: If you are a little bit shorter, try a cropped tee to elongate your torso. If you are not that into to cropped tees, then you may try looser tees that you can tuck in or tie-up. Investing in one that's a bit nicer is a good go because you will get so much use out of it! It doesn't have to be super pricey but choose one with nice quality.

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