Stay Classy By Simply Following These Tips!

November 4, 2020

We all know that elegance and sophistication all come from within but there are exterior factors with do's and dont's, that complete the look. Tip: Spend more on your accessories and less on your day-to-day outfits, because it's the details that make the entire look. Remember: The one thing that can make or break you is your attitude and how you carry yourself. Classy's girl attitude is all about shoulders back, chin up and confidence!


When it comes to building a classy, elegant wardrobe is essential to save up for those versatile pieces and go for quality instead of quantity. Handbags really complete the outfits and elevate them to the next level. From a nice plain white tee & skinny jeans to a bodycon midi dress, handbags will certainly add a touch of luxury to your look. Go for a neutral color that is going to fit in really well with your wardrobe and you can wear it day-to-night!


| 2 |  JEWELRY

You can consider yourself a classy girl if you don't have a nice selection of jewelry. The perfect way to add a finishing touch to compliment or give a little sparkle to your outfit is to invest in good quality jewelry. 

Top picks: Angel Ring, Curb Chain, Hoop Earrings

| 3 |   PERFUME

If you want to be a classy style icon, you may want to have your own signature scent to leave your mark and make people remember you. In order to find the perfect one, try to get lots of samples, spray the testers and take time to see what you really like.



A pair of signature sunglasses not only add an air of mystery around you but also a high-end, sophisticated touch! You can justify spending a bit more on sunnies as you will wear them every single day.


No one wants to see bra straps from the tops or visible panty lines, so a selection of invisible underwear is more essential than ever. Prefer to wear nude colored seamless soft thongs ( Asos, Primark ) to knickers because sometimes they can still have a little outline. For bras, go for nude as it's the safest option even in the summer months when you wear strappy/ off the shoulder tops or dresses.

Pro tip: Find a bra that fits you properly to avoid strange lines and flapping openings.


An absolute worth-investing piece for your closet. Think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and how timeless a trench coat can be. Perfect in the summer and easy in the winter, they’re a fantastic investment for year-round style. Either you have a slim frame or a  curvier one, a trench coat is usually accompanied by a handy belt to cinch in the waist and accentuate silhouettes in all the right places. The iconic leader of the trench coat evolution and the perpetual winner of “best long-standing and transitional dressing” award – if you haven’t dreamt about owning a Burberry trench then you’ve been doing autumn fashion wrong. Though its price is really high here's a bunch of other affordable choices you can pick!


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