Preppy Style: New Aesthetic Instagram Trends

December 18, 2020

With the reboot of the iconic fashion series "Gossip Girl", the collegiate preppy style has also made a huge comeback from the '60s with an infusion of '90s elements. This fashion nostalgia reminds us of cottagecore style, school uniforms, pleated skirts, cute hairstyles, and knit vests. It's all about a "modern fashion renaissance", in which you can mix&match and update your wardrobe, even if you aren't from Upper Eastside! These are the top back-to-school trends that will give you aesthetic chills!

Peter Pan Collar

This season it's all about loose and oversized pieces,and that's why the exaggerated Peter Pan collar is a statement trend! It's your classic white collared shirt but in a hotter version! Try layering it under simple dresses or sporty sweaters and pull the collar and cuffs out from under.




Ankle Socks & Loafers

The chunky-soled boyish loafer combined with white socks has revived in a chic new way. Either you prefer more classic combos like black, thick-soled loafers and white  Nike’s iconic swoosh shocks, or a twist with a stacked-heel platform and sheer socks, you're still relatable. If you want to pop some color, switch up the colors of your loafers or socks. 




Plaid & Tartan

Patterns, like plaid, tartan, gingham, are seeing a resurgence. The classic “schoolgirl” skirt trend is more versatile than you might think. Fashionistas are nailing it, styling mini pleated skirts with oversized sweatshirts, chunky knits, and combat boots. Also, you can pair it with a cute turtleneck, a mini bag and a cool leather jacket on top! 



Sweatshirts & Knits

These couldn't be missing from this list, as they characterize the preppy style. From sweatshirts with embroidered logos, cable knit vests and oversized knit sweaters, the choices are endless! Tuck a crewneck into your skirt, or knot it over your shoulders atop a basic tee to create layering. For cold days, go for a college cardigan, black tights, and knee-length boots to give you extra warmth!

Style a sweatshirt with embroidered logo that gives preppy, casual, sporty vibes!





Knit vests are nailing this season! They simply go with everything! Especially in the wintertime, a cozy, cable knit vest can be the perfect layering piece!



If you want to go all the way with this trend, don't forget the little details! Headbands, silk headscarves, hair clips, ribbons, bucket hats, baseball cups, scrunchies,  claw clips have come a long way to enhance the preppy trend.



Polo Tops

Layering is your bestie, especially in winter! A low-key rugby jersey or polo top will keep you looking more preppy. Go bold and wear bright, happy colors or mellow, sunset pastels. They go with everything! Tucked into chinos, jeans, skirts, leather shorts, with a final touch of a checked, double-breasted blazer on top!



'80s Suiting

Inspired of Princess Diana preppy looks, a new version of 'Dad suit' in pastel tones is all you need! Just go for a 3-piece suit, with an oversized blazer, trousers, and a waistcoat! A stretchy headband is optional!



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