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Iconic Must-Have Bags Of All Time

August 24, 2020

Which are the most classic luxury bags to focus on to enrich your wardrobe in the long term? These days, rather than one overarching silhouette or finish leading the charge for all bags, you'll find that each high-fashion brand has the style that most suits its unique aesthetic. So forget the notion that only satchels can be stylish when shoulder bags are out or that bucket drawstring totes are the only thing to be seen carrying.

| 1 | Bottega Veneta: Pouch

Everyone can't get enough of The Pouch bag and this baby blue option is irresistible. Between the drool-worthy size and fine woven detailing, it's obvious why this sold-out piece is impossible to get your hands on.

Bottega Veneta pouch dupe :

Boohoo, $12.80

| 2 | Jacquemus: Le Chiquito

The original bags, although tiny, can cost anywhere from $250-$500, which is a lot to spend on a bag that isn’t all that functional. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to the original bag that look almost identical to the original.

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Jacquemus Le Chiquito dupe :

Shein, $14.07

| 3 | Chloé: C Bag

Featuring a jumbo C on the front, this elegant new range includes flap-fronted messengers, shoulder bags, and clutches in all of those sumptuous, earthy colors.

| 4 | Fendi: Baguette Bag

Fashion girls everywhere have been snapping up secondhand versions, but now that the brand is re-releasing them, there's a chance to grab a box-fresh version all over again.

Fendi bag dupe :


| 5 | Prada: Mini Nylon Bag

Prada’s nylon, which was wildly popular in the late 90s and early 2000s has seen a return in popularity over the last year and a half and rightfully so—it’s both stylish and incredibly durable. And now, ten years later Prada is reissuing one of its most iconic nylon styles. Meet the Prada Re-Edition 2000.

Prada Nylon bag dupe :

Shein, $9.38

| 6 | By Far : Mini Rachel Croco Bag

This cocktail cutie gets a bright makeover in punchy pops of colour on leather and suede.

By Far Rachel dupe :

Mango, $39.99

Shein, $9.38

| 7 | Paco Rabanne: Iconic Chain Bag

Signature chain mail from the '60s is being reworked for the modern age, and every cool girl is trying to get her hands on the silver or gold Iconic bags. It looks just as good with office gear as it does with wedding guest gear.

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| 8 | Dior: Lady Dior Bag

The Lady Dior is a fashion icon that continues to be a symbol of timeless elegance.

Lady Dior bag dupe:

Shein, $19.48

| 9 | Shrimps: Antonia bag

From fast-fashion brands to other luxury brands, it seems like Shrimps' bag has influenced so many. Snap up one of the colored versions for a fresher take on this pretty It bag.

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Shrimps Antonia bag dupe:

Skinny Dip, 22.40

Topshop, $44.00

| 10 | Hermès: Birkin bag

When this iconic handbag first debuted, the year was 1892 and the style was designed to be large enough to fit a horse’s saddle but small enough to fit in the back of a car. I

Hermès Birkin dupes:

Shein, $23.39

Shein, $14.03

| 11 | Gucci: Dionysus bag

It is the perfect blend of seventies glamour and relaxed luxury, somewhat posh as well as eccentric.

Gucci Dionysus dupe:

Shein, $14.03

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