How To Find The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type?

June 13, 2020

Summer is finally here which means pool parties, beach days and bathing suits! We know, going to a store and find a bathing suit that really looks good on you is a dreadful process. But how to find the perfect bikini that enhances your assets and flatters your curves? Whether you are thin or luscious, with wide hips or shoulders, a small or a large chest, we will help you choose the ideal swimsuit according to your body type. Follow the guide to highlight your figure on the beach!

Before choosing a model that you like, a first step is essential: to know your morphology. Whether you have wide hips, a little belly, small breasts, or on the contrary a large chest, there is bound to be a swimsuit adapted to your figure. Read on to get the experts' dos and don'ts, discover all our tips and find your perfect suit!



Your shoulders and your hips are the same widths and your size is not very marked?

You have a morphology in H or rectangle.
Enhance your curves and breasts to give an impression of marked size. Play on the Marilyn Monroe pin-up looks by adopting a half-cup or balconette bra for the top and high-waisted or even belted panties to tone your booty. If you are not a fan of the retro side, favor bikinis with small details that catch the eye such as knots, ties, frills.

Do you prefer to fall for the one-piece swimsuit? Opt for a model that beautifully marks the waist with a belt or a colored band.

To avoid: The square neckline and the horizontal stripes, which thicken the silhouette. For an ultra-feminine silhouette, avoid the round neck and bet on a V-neck, sexier. 

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You are luscious with pretty curves, your size is not very marked and you have a generous chest?

You have an O-silhouette. Do not try to hide your forms but rather learn to highlight them. It is not because you are round that you should camouflage yourself behind a lot of fabric.

For the top, prefer underwired bras, cup-shaped, basket, triangle or balconette bras to maintain your chest and display a pretty neckline. 

For the bottom of your bikini, some models will highlight you more. Think in particular of the high-waisted briefs, ideal for refining the silhouette. If you have a few complexes, you can opt for a one-piece swimsuit (you will even find shaping ones) that redraws the silhouette. For this, favor quality materials such as good lycra. In terms of colors and patterns, stop thinking that you should only wear black or dark shades. Dare the colors! Blue, orange, red, floral, polka dot ... choose a swimsuit that you like and in which you are comfortable. 

To avoid: A swimsuit that is too tight or with multiple straps that leave marks on the skin. As well as the horizontal lines which tend to pack and widen the silhouette.

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Inverted Triangle

You have broad shoulders and thin hips. To harmonize your silhouette give it a more feminine look, go for it without hesitation on the two pieces with printed swim shorts or high-waisted printed panties. Prefer a classic shape for the top: a triangle bra for a pretty V neckline and thin straps and allow yourself fancier on the bottom with panties decorated with bows, ruffles, and lace

Another option? The trikini! You will feminize your silhouette thanks to its scalloped and asymmetrical cut-outs. Choose colorful and punchy models, we will quickly forget your broad shoulders and we will focus on your pretty swimsuit. 

To avoid: The swimsuit which widens the shoulders, the low waist which marks the thin hips and thus brings out the shoulders and the geometric patterns on the top which will mark your shoulders. 

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If your upper body is wider than the bottom, then you have a pear silhouette. Your shoulders are narrow, you have a small chest and wide hips. To sublimate your silhouette, the whole thing is to play on the proportions to create an optical effect. 

The trick: draw the eye to your chest to rebalance the volumes and make the silhouette more harmonious. 

At the top, choose a balconette, push-up, or underwired triangle shapes to highlight your neckline. Fall for the Bardot style bikini tops, super trendy, and perfect for your A-body shape. Ruffles, frills, bows, macramé lace, drapes ... use the voluminous details to draw attention to the upper body. As for the patterns for your bikini top, treat yourself. The animal print, floral, fruit, polka dots or horizontal stripes print are perfect for you. For the bottom, opt for a low-waist panty to lengthen your legs. Prefer it plain and neutral to refine your hips. The ideal for you? The mix & match! Mix and match patterns, shapes, and colors to create a unique swimsuit that will enhance your figure. 

To avoid: Shorts and high waist bikini bottoms, at the risk of drawing attention to the pelvis by covering it a little too much. Also, avoid patterned bottoms and frills that will accentuate the volume at the hips. 

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Properly proportioned, your shoulders are the same size as your hips and you have a slim waist. You have an hourglass or X eight figure. You can try everything! For the top of the swimsuit, you are spoiled for choice: a balconette bra to highlight your chest, a triangle for a plunging neckline. 

On the bottom side, the low-cut bikini will lengthen your legs and the high-waisted briefs will mark your thin waist and your rounded hips. Highlight your hourglass figure by wearing bright colors or lines that will accentuate your assets. 

To avoid: Swimsuits with ruffles, which could create an imbalance in your figure.

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I want a swimsuit that shapes my belly...

You have a little belly yes, so what?

There is no point in focusing on it and panicking at the idea of putting on your swimsuit. Just choose a model suited to your morphology, which will enhance your curves! 

If you want to hide your little belly, you can opt for a one-piece swimsuit. Adorned with a V-neck, a pretty cut-out, and small frills, it will be feminine and stylish. And why not fall for the tankini

Finally, the high waist bikini panties are made for you. It shapes and refines the belly and offers a sexy and retro silhouette. 

To avoid: Forget the horizontal bands at the level of the belly which tends to increase the volume. The same goes for swimsuits with twines or lacings which can create small beads. 

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I want a swimsuit for my small chest...

Do you have small breasts?

Whether or not you love your small chest, there is good news to remember: you can afford all the eccentricities: triangle, halter top, underwire, push-up effect ... The choice is yours! 

Choose an amplifier model, which has small padded integrated pads, for a push-up effect that enhances the chest. You can also turn to the side of underwired swimsuits to expand the chest.
If you have an A morphology, attract the eye with frills but also with
ornaments, lacings, fringes, graphic prints and other details that will visually create volume.

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I want a swimsuit for my big busts...

Do you have large breasts?

You have a cup D, E, F, G, or more. It is essential to choose a bikini that is perfectly suited to your chest. Rest assured, more and more brands are offering swimwear that combines support, comfort, and style for generous breasts. 

● You want to minimize your large chest 

If you do not assume your chest and you want to visually reduce its size, there are several solutions for you. Do you want to have a natural shape and at the same time decrease your breast size? Bet on a minimizer model, which reduces the volume of your chest by cup size. Choose it with adjustable or cross-back straps and a clip clasp for good support. 

You can also opt for a bandeau bikini top, or with a square neckline which is not only reserved for small breasts. More and more models have wide back bands to adapt to big cups and provide superior support. 

As for colors, avoid large flower prints and geometric patterns and prefer a solid color if you don't want to draw attention to your bust. 

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● You love your generous chest 

If on the contrary, you fully love your large chest, do not hesitate to turn to balconette models and push-ups. Play the fancy card with original prints and colors. 

To avoid: The triangle swimsuit with thin straps which can be uncomfortable because the weight of the chest presses on the neck and shoulders. 

Quick Shop: Top $94 (similar)

Now that you know your morphology perfectly, all you have to do is find the model you like among the new products of the season. 

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