Clean Girl Αesthetic: 8 Outfits To Pull Off

February 28, 2022

Another trend coming straight out of Tiktok and has taken all over Instagram feeds is the “clean girl” aesthetic. That sort of references the trending cycle of new “it girl” routines on social media, reflecting a sleek and timeless look. Makeup-wise, the idea of “clean” refers to glowy skin, fluffy brows, neutral shades, soft lines, flushed cheeks and clear glossy lips. For hair, a perfect slick back bun is the ultimate choice to highlight the natural face and emphasize minimalism. As for the fashion point, the trend focuses on a capsule wardrobe. The style choices are minimalistic, with a nod to the love for neutral tones and classic silhouettes. Since the fashion choices are meant to be comfortable yet chic, layering basics with oversized coats and scarves are rising in popularity for the style on-trend. Many outfits consist of athleisure, elevating a simple sweatsuit to look more sophisticated, expensive, and cohesive. Furthermore, the trend of button-down shirts is becoming popular again, along with trench coats, penny coats, rectangle sunglasses, loose-fitted trousers, and midi skirts. If you're looking to master the clean aesthetic trend, keep scrolling to find out more!

Basics & Denim

Sticking to neutral basics and high-quality pieces always gives this ''clean look''. It's better to invest in actually good neutral basics from Skims and Aritzia that are known for their quality. Pair them with light-wash denim jeans to achieve the ultimate clean look. Dad 90's jeans from Agolde are our top pick and can be easily styled with tank tops, bodysuits and t-shirts in beige, black, white, tan, cream and other nude colors. As for shoes, go for a classic pair of Nike Air force Ones.


Aritzia, Babaton '90s Bodysuit, $48

Agolde, 90'S MID RISE LOOSE FIT, $198

Pleated Pants & Crop tops

This look gives a chic yet classy feel and accentuates your figure. The high-waisted pleated belted pants can define your waist and if you pair them with a crop top, you can enhance this shape. A classic shoulder bag, dainty gold jewelry and minimal sneakers go really nicely with this type of look.



Abercrombie & Fitch,Tailored Cropped Halter Set Top

NA-KD, Wide Leg Pinstriped Pants, $52.95

Wide leg pants & Dunk Low 

There's something urban and modern in a combo like this. Opt for a pair of wide-leg denim pants in light beige and style them with a simple basic crop top. Complete with a cute shoulder bag and Dunk low sneakers to put everything together.




Nike Dunk Low, Retro White Black

Oversized Tee & Miniskirt

To pull off perfectly the clean girl aesthetic, tuck a baggy monochromatic tee into a cute mini skirt. Pair them with chunky sneakers and slicked-back hair to create a really nice balance between the tight skirt and loose top.


AT, There For You Plaid Mini Skirt, $ 14.98

Prada, Re-Nylon padded hobo bag, $ 1,890

Dad Blazer & Denim Jeans

Another alternative to achieve this clean look is to style a men's black blazer with straight-leg jeans. You can roll the sleeves up or leave them down to make it more tailoring, add a plain white tank top underneath and then light-washed straight leg denim.  All these pieces give a sort of like a dad feel while keeping it super clean and tailored. This outfit has this lovely mixture of clean girl masculine street style that's easy to pull off.




Matching Sets

There's something about a matching set that even if you're wearing sweats, you look ultra-chic and put together. One of the most quintessential styles for the clean girl look is a matching sweatsuit in neutral shades.

Set Active, CROPPED CREWNECK - BLANC, $98.00

Set Active, SWEATPANTS - BLANC, $90.00

Biker shorts & Oversized Shirt

Go for a ribbed two-piece set consisting of biker shorts and a little crop top in the same color. Since it's a matching set, it creates a cohesive and seamless look that's so easy to put together. If you want to spice it up a little bit, add a button-up shirt to give a work-wear-inspired feel. For shoes, a pair of vintage sneakers will do the job. 

Aritzia, Essential Oversized Shirt Collared button-up shirt, $98

Aritzia, cross-back bra top, $25

Aritzia, Short High-waisted bike shorts, $38

Cropped Sweater & High-waisted Jeans

Create a classic casual look by pairing a cropped sweater with high-waisted jeans. Choose form-fitting jeans that rise up to just below the bottom hem of your sweater. Add a belt to accentuate your sexy curves, since the contrast between your tight waistband and loose sweater makes your waist appear smaller than it really is.

H&M, Short Sweater, $12.99

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