15 Minimalist Fashion Instagrammers To Follow Asap

April 30, 2022

With the focus on quality over quantity, this season is all about curating a timeless and concise wardrobe, eco-conscious and budget-friendly. When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe, it is really essential to opt for a more minimalist lifestyle. Lately, the trend ''warm minimalism'' has been all over interior design and fashion, including themes like warm neutral colors, low-contrasting patterns, and natural materials. However, a few sub-genres of this trend have different takes on the same concept. Keep scrolling to discover the best interpretations of warm minimalism through the eyes of 15 fashion Instagrammers.

- The Basics Addict -

This trend started way back with Coco Chanel's wind jackets and Fisherman's jumpers and went through Burberry utility to the affordable Scandi brands of today.  Opt for a neutral color palette, including black, white, navy beige, khaki and grey. Everything from wide-leg pants, simple tank tops, straight cut denim, white t-shirts,  black turtlenecks and navy blazers, they're all in! The minimalist aesthetic of the basics addict exudes a cool leisurely vibe that comes along with quality essential pieces. Simple converse sneakers or simple black loafers with maybe a gold chain or a men's watch are the best choices to complete this often masculine and oversized look.




- The Comfort Queen -

If you have to imagine it, the ''comfort queen'' lives in a beautiful home, drinking a pot of Japanese sencha and brewing a coffee table filled with books on art and architecture. It couldn't a surprise that her wardrobe would come in line with this aesthetic. Some key staples to master this looks are plissé co-ord sets, long sleeve knit maxi dresses, comfy slacks, linen shirts and tinsel tops. Αfter all, this style is all about ease and quality—an understated luxury at its peak. Remember; the more muted the tone, the prettier.




- The Boss Look - 

Today the ''boss minimalist'' dresses less severely than square-shaped suits, monochromatic color schemes, and tailored lines. Warm minimalism is all about softening up the super-hard and strict by rounding off the silhouettes and warming up the color scheme, as well softening the stark black and white shades into browns and beige and rusts and sands. Opt for a more casual, cool and comfortable style in tone-on-tone soft round bags, easy-breezy light fabrics and oversized silhouettes. Without sacrificing the power dressing, and business look, the key is to add a touch of warmth and roundness.





- The Environmentalist -

If you have a more eco-friendly approach to fashion, then this one is for you. The environmentalist cares more about carbon neutrality and eco fibers than style icons and fast fashion trends. Recycled fabrics and plant-based materials like organic cotton, flax and linen make up a huge part of the environmentalist wardrobe. As for the colors, the most common are unbleached muted natural shades like khaki, beige, off-white, navy, and tan. What's more important is that all the environmentalists prefer second-hand shops and vintage/thrift stores over fast fashion retailing brands.





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