10 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Summer

June 8, 2020

What can I do to save time but still keep my skin glowing and healthy? Here are 10 easy time-saving ways to help bring that summer glow back to your skin from head to toe!

People can feel dry skin as a result of many reasons, including changes in temperature or humidity, using cosmetics with harsh chemicals, and skin conditions, such as eczema. The skin naturally produces an oil called sebum. When the skin produces too much oil, this can lead to pimples.  However, having some sebum on the skin is important for keeping it hydrated and protecting the cells from infection. Skin that is not creating or replenishing enough sebum can become dry. Dry skin can be itchy, and it may look flaky and bumpy or have red patches. Dehydrated skin lacks water and appears dull or rough.

Some potential causes of dry or dehydrated skin on the face include:

  • weather conditions
  • dry air
  • exposure to harsh chemicals in soaps or other products
  • washing the skin excessively
  • unbalanced skin pH
  • skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis
  • diabetes
  • hypothyroidism 
  • smoking
  • spending too much time in direct sunlight

The best treatment option will depend on the cause of someone’s dry skin and its severity. Treatments also vary among different skin types, which can be normal, dry, oily, or a combination.

#1 Be shower-savvy

Avoid using hot water to bathe or shower as hot water and steam exposure for long periods of time can damage the lipid barriers in your skin, making it harder to retain moisture. Also, keep your shower time to less than 10 minutes, or turn the temperature down as far as you can stand.

#2 Choose the right soap

Consider checking your soaps and cleansers for ingredients like alcohol, heavy fragrances, and antibacterial detergents. These ingredients often exacerbate dryness and other associated problems. Instead, look for gentle, unscented cleansers or moisturizing soaps.

#3 Moisturize after bathing

It’s also important to choose the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type and use it regularly, especially after you shower. Moisturizers help lock hydration into the skin. However, not all moisturizers are created equal. If your skin is extremely dry, look for a petrolatum-based product. Your facial moisturizer should be free of fragrance and alcohol, as they can cause unnecessary irritation. You may want to try a moisturizer that includes a sunscreen to protect yourself from exposure to sunlight. Look for products that help retain water in the skin.

#4 Pat rather than rub

Rubbing your body vigorously with a washcloth or towel—in or out of the tub—can irritate your skin. Instead, wash your skin gently with your hands and pat dry with a soft towel.

#5 Make sun protection a priority

Use sunscreen whenever you step out. This is crucial as sunscreen helps in shielding your skin from harmful UV radiations that bring about the early onset of skin aging.

#6 Water and more water

Drinking plenty of water is another good way to make sure that your skin gets moisture. Especially during the hot summer days, you have to keep yourself well hydrated.

#7 Assess Your Wardrobe

Natural fibers such as silk and cotton let your skin breathe and protect it from chafing. When washing your clothes, look for detergents that are free of perfumes and dyes—these can irritate your skin. Fabric softeners can also cause problems for dry skin.

#8 Take off your makeup before bed

If your dry skin isn’t quite taking to your newfound skincare routine, it’s time to turn towards your makeup routine for a little glowing relief. To make your dry skin look its best this summer, be sure to reach for glowing makeup formulas to create the head-turning dewy radiance you’re craving. To protect the skin's natural glow, the most important thing is to stay away from heavy makeup and get into the habit of taking it off before sleeping to let the pores breathe.

#9 Carry a facial mist with you everywhere

It’s a good idea to carry a refreshing face mist with you at all times during summer. Not only will a spritz of treated water keep you feeling awake and ready to take on the day, but it will help revive your makeup and the moisture content in your skin. 

#10 Reach for Aloe Vera

One of the downsides of summer is the increased risk of sunburn due to prolonged periods spent outdoors. While applying and reapplying sunscreen can help keep sunburn at bay, if you’re not diligent you could still end up with irritated skin. To help soothe any irritation on dry skin or otherwise, reach for aloe vera, a moisturizing powerhouse with antiseptic benefits. From gels to lotions, you can find aloe vera in a wide range of skin-care products.

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