Time for Change: Summer Hair Color Trends To Try Out

May 2, 2021

This spring/summer season 2021 is all about putting color into our lives, and in our heads. It's important to refresh our color to look healthy and shiny. From natural-looking shades to chunky highlights and bold colors, keep scrolling to find inspiration for your next hair appointment at the salon.

| Sunset Red |

This summer go for a warm, red hair color, especially if you have a darm complexion. A great way to ease into it is with a red gloss or tint over your usual base color.


| Honey Blonde |

This shade of warm-toned blonde it's perfect if you want to grow out your color fast. Ask from your hairdresser to soften the shadow root in order to blend with the rest of the hair.


| Raw Blonde |

There's nothing more bright and fresh that this new platinum look. Opt for a short haircut in this polished reel shade that reflects light like glass in the sun.


Kerastase, Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo, $35

| Money Pieces |

Focus on the highlights right around the face. Just be careful to not go too close to the root area for a natural seamless look. If you do want to get closer to the root, it's best to visit a colorist.


| Choco Blonde |

Adding chunky highlights into your chocolate hair color, it will give you ’90s vibes. Chocolate brown lights not only add dimension to your hair but also highlight the shape of your face.


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