The Absolute Best Fall Nail Colors Of 2020

October 25, 2020

By now you know, every season has its perfect manicure and it’s time to select the hottest of this Autumn. Get ready for that pumpkin spice craving to start kicking in and prepare to keep up with the latest manicure trends as the season changes. This year may be different because of the pandemic — you may be shopping online for some new cozy hues instead of going to a salon and just picking one off the wall — but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate the arrival of cooler months with some chic nail shades. Finally, grab and cup of coffee and keep scrolling for major inspiration!


Shades of orange

Since the leaves are changing, why not match your manicure to them? From burnt orange to pumpkin one, this color is suitable for all skin tones.

Mixing pattern nails is going to be a huge trend this season! Nope, we're not doin' the match-matchy nail trend for fall 2020. This season is all about smashing together different patterns that somehow, weirdly, go together, like these neon flame and tortoise shell nails.

Orosa, $12

JINsoon, $18.00


Tortoise Nails

After the cheetah-print skirt trend of 2019, 2020 is taking its animal prints to a more ~demure~ place, opting for neutrals like tortoise shells for fall nail art. Though, yes, they're not the easiest to DIY at home, you can either get some tortoise nails wraps or just follow a tutorial.

Get the kit: Cirque Colors Tortoise Shell Nail Art Set, $36


Forest Green

We are seeing a lot of gorgeous green in fashion and this dark olive with silver shimmer is very complementary. It's a shade that people weren't comfortable wearing for a long time, and they're just now realising that it's an extremely universally flattering shade that gets tons of compliments.

Pear nova, $13.50

Despite being green, it somehow goes with every fall flannel you may own.

Olive&June, $8.00


Gradient Nails

Gradient nails still aren't going anywhere for fall 2020, and tbh, it makes sense why: The nail trend is legit season-less, since you can pair any five shades to recreate it.

There are two ways to do a rainbow manicure: either each nail gets pained a wildly different color, or all five get different shades in one color family.

2 Fave Nail Kits: Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Set, $22.00

Wild Safari Gel Set, $36.00


Glam Burgundy

One of Betina Goldstein's favorite color to wear on nails in fall/winter is a deep burgundy red.

Chanel, $35

Chanel, $28


Choco Brown

We love a range of darker, moodier polishes grabbing bottles outside the bright whites and vibrant shades we had been dedicated to all summer. This dark brown is a must for autumn morning coffee dates!

Shop the exact 'Woody' nail color Kylie wears: only $19.00

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