Spring-Summer 2020 Makeup Trends That Are Easy To Follow

May 7, 2020

This year's makeup trends will make you seem like you walk out of a fashion runaway! Modern art, the Euphoria series, and festival chic have inspired the makeup artists to create these outstanding looks. Here's a list of beauty tips you should follow.

#1  White Lines

The white, bright eyeliner comes to replace the old black one. Either you'll use a white eyeliner or a pencil, you'll absolutely love the outcome! Apply at the inner corner of your eye or above your crease to make eyes look bigger and brighter.

#2  Pastel Eyes

This eye makeup look is a work of art and your eyelids are the canvas. The pastel tones were quite literally blurred between art and beauty. Rainbow colors like pink, coral, canary green, lilac, and baby blue are ruling this season. Apply an eye shadow shade over a damp base to intensify a lighter color.

Make sure you follow the steps:

#3  Shine On You

This trend is all about getting a clean, glowy, and bright face. It's kind of like a clear glass base with shine and sheen everywhere—the lips, eyes, face. Here are the best glossy products to create the shine look for every skin type.

#4  Juicy Lips

What we love about this trend is that lip gloss goes with every look! If you go for smokey eyes, choose a clear gloss for the lips to keep the balance. Another option is juicy red gloss and simple eyes with a swoosh of black eyeliner. Be sure to choose a shiny one without being sticky.

#5  '60s Cat Eye

A bold eye and a graphic, winged liner are all you need for a 60s vintage glam. It kind of reminds us of Sophia Lauren and her iconic cat-eye look. Keep in mind that you may take some time to nail it, but it will be worth it in the end.

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