Home Workouts During The Quarantine

April 20, 2020

Are you struggling during these days at home as you don't know what else to do? You've already cleaned your house, watched so many movies, read so many books, cooked for a thousand people and you still have plenty of time?! Don't worry, here are the best at-home fitness programs for each and one of you! 


Yogalates - fusion workout

What differs a yogalates class from just yoga or pilates? It’s simple, Yogalates takes the stretching of yoga and combines it with the intense and effective core workout of pilates. Get the best of both worlds in one workout - tone the arms, thighs, and booty and finish feeling deeply nourished and relaxed. The low-impact routine can also be done anywhere you can fit a yoga mat—no equipment required.

  • Build a six-pack
  • Gain more flexibility in your legs
  • Tone and define your tummy
  • Find your inner peace
  • Stretch your muscles and stay limber


Dance - cardio workout

When you 're feeling blue, dance! This Latin dance workout proves you can get your heart rate up while shaking your hips and shimmying your shoulders. Cardio is more than just running on a treadmill! You'll get all the Latino vibes that'll cheer you up so put your gymwear and go!

  • Stimulate bone growth
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Reduce stress and give happy vibes

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Song - strength workout

Whatever gets you pumped, can help you stay motivated!All you need is the right song to give you the push you need to keep at it — whether running, biking or weight lifting.This workout is a perfect combo for those who want to burn some calories while listen to their favourite songs.

  • Exercise your brain
  • Improve your endurance
  • Boost your immunity

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