hair color trends for 2020

Hair Colors You Will Be Asking For In 2020

May 18, 2020

A new season brings new trends and fresh ways to color and highlight hair. From twilighting to classic brown tones, you can try your hand at refreshing your color at home or visit a hair salon. Whatever your inclination, there's plenty of inspiration below.

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Two-Toned Hair

Dua Lipa recently brought back the brunette on the bottom, blonde on the top look, famously worn by Christina Aguilera in the early 2000s. This look gives lots of dimension and edge to those who are not afraid to make a statement.

Sometimes you just need to feel blue and other times you need pink to lighten your day.

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90s Chunky Highlights

We will be seeing a lot of dark underneath & bright colors on top. Very '90s vibes.

Some of your hair has to go darker than natural and some lighter to create contrast. This face-framing highlight style is so flattering for round faces.

Kylie is sporting cool brown lengths, with the e-girl's signature blonde streaks framing her face.

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If you are brunette and want to try something trendy but not too drastic, this one is for you. A mix of balayage and babylights - as dazzling as a vampire sparkling in the sunlight.

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Caramel Mocha

In a sea of hair colors named after coffee drinks, this one stands out due to the lovely peachy tones of the caramel highlights.

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Pantone Blue

Color of the year making its way into the hair world!

We, low key, love Hilary's Duff ocean blue color!

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Shades Of Red

Red is gaining in popularity, thanks in part to Zendaya's killer shade. This kind of muted red looks amazing on anyone with warm undertones since it warms up your skin without washing you out.

Emma Stone is the strawberry blonde queen! If you're already a blondie and looking to go to the lighter side, this one is a great option.

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Icy tones

Try out this iridescent lavender color that will give you Elsa's Frozen vibes.

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Jet Black

Black is so classic that it couldn't be missing from the list. Remember: it’s always easy to go darker gradually than going too dark and praying it lightens up.

Give your hair some love and glow:

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