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Gym Haters This Is For You: 10 Alternatives To Achieve a Toned Body

October 21, 2020

If you’re outdoors, obviously you’re getting some vitamin D, fresh air, and (sometimes) a dose of nature as you sweat. Running outside can be a form of sightseeing, depending on where your stride takes you.

- The only true, essential piece of workout equipment that you need to get a good sweat sesh in is yourself.


Kangoo Jumps

Scientifically proven, you will spend about 20% more calories during a Kangoo Jumps workout compared to a similar workout done with conventional shoes.Physical therapists and fitness experts recommend getting jumping shoes that are safe, well-cushioned, and stable. Kangoo Jumps have been made with the safety of users in mind. The shoes help to rehabilitate knee and ankle injuries as well as reduce impact shock on training surfaces. It's a very stable and controlled rebound system. The movements will allow you to get full body work out. ... It's not just a cardio vascular exercise option. It is truly a way to gain great muscle tone, lose weight and so much more.


Pole Dancing

For the sassy ones! Either you want to try the exotic dance or the more athletic, the sure is you willl burn those calories for sure. Perhaps not for the shy and retiring, pole dancing classes adapts the saucy activity into a hard workout. And yes, it is on a pole. Why: It fuses strength, cardio and flexibility training. Also, it's agreat way to improve your self-esteem and boost your body&mind. If you want to level up your workout try dancing on' Pleasers' for extra pleasure.


Rock Climbing

Climbing in its various manifestations (the most popular being bouldering – without ropes, and traditional climbing – with ropes) works almost all of your muscle groups. Plus, it is said to help with dispraxia. Rock climbing walls are popping up everywhere, so search for your local centre.

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Hula Hoop

Bring out the child in you! A throwback to your primary school days, it’s simple really: dust off your hoop and start spinning. Twirl your hips to fun and fitness! In fact, get your family on board, too! Torch the excess calories with this enjoyable yet effective outdoor activity. With all the components needed for a comprehensive workout, a hula hoop session beats your everyday boring gym workout.


Martial Arts

Putting your coordination, flexibility and balance to test, boxing burns calories and provides a holistic workout. Not only could this come in useful one day (although hopefully not) martial arts require feats of strength, balance, skill and fitness. From kick boxing to taekwondo, find the one that fits you perfect.

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Hot Yoga

Get ready to get sweaty. They crank up the heat and put you through a series of vigorous yoga poses. You’ll need a shower after this one there’s no doubt about it. After a few classes though it’ll begin getting easier and you won’t be nearly as stiff.


Long Walking

Take your dog for more walks and if you don't have one go solo. This isn’t so much about the dog as giving yourself a purpose and cute furry companion to go out for a long walk or run. Let it run behind you as you cycle or jog along with you. Plan out a long walk at least once a week.



If you are looking for a healthy, low-impact fitness routine that is also environment-friendly, then cycling is just what you need.Reaping the benefits of spinning doesn’t have to take place in a cycling studio. Either invest in a bicycle or rent one, and hit the pavement for some easy cardio. Adjust your speed and resistance to add intensity.

Pro Tip: If you live close enough, consider biking to work. You can enjoy daily exercise, save money on gas, and help the environment at the same time.



Swimming burns calories without causing damage to your joints, and you don’t need an Olympic-sized pool to swim laps. Many neighborhoods offer a community pool for their residents. In addition, community centers and parks and recreation departments also offer underwater or deep water aerobics classes. The risk of injury during swimming is shallow, making it ideal for those recovering from an injury. Moreover, if you are not too fond of swimming, then give aqua aerobics a try.

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Dancing Queen

Put your fave playlist and start to dance like nobody's watching! Also, it costs nothing.

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