Celebrities Go Crazy With This Hair Color

April 21, 2022

Although red is the most challenging color to maintain, this year is becoming more popular in the mainstream! There is clearly a copper Renaissance! Given Kendall Jenner's last hair look, we have to admit that copper is the hair color of the moment. Redheaded Jenner has influenced (either consciously or subliminally) other people to try red. Sydney Sweeney is recently a rosy shade of strawberry blonde, as is her Euphoria costar Barbie Ferreira, her's more of a Kendall-adjacent shade of auburn. Expect to see it everywhere soon — if you have not already seen it pop up on TikTok or Instagram feeds. For all the redheads out there, as well those hoping to become so, here you'll find inspo for your next hair appointment. From copper-red to brownish red and a vivacious red , this is the ultimate guide to going red, inspired by some of the best red looks we've seen on your favorite celebs.

For Prada’s Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show, Kendall Jenner is getting in on the copper hair trend.

Bridgerton star, Phoebe Dynevor, has farewelled her character’s signature soft auburn to a new unmistakably fiery red hue.

Evelyn's signature red look will inspire your next salon visit!

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While Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira officially went fiery red at the end of last year, she’s clearly a fan of the shade as she’s rocked it ever since.

Earlier, in 2021 we knew something was brewing when Gigi Hadid did a stint as a redhead for the Met Gala.

Sophie Turner is already sporting a new, richer shade of burgundy.

Dua Lipa tried out the hottest shade of this season and appeared in a Versace campaign with long auburn locks.

Sydney Sweeney switched her signature blonde for spicier tones.

Doja Cat brought in the new year with vibrant orange hair (which she’s since changed). “Starting 2022 off right,” she posted on her Instagram.

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